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DJ Pauly's Deep House Lounge
Category: House
Location: Chicago, IL
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Reflecting on DJing: DJing has been a never ending experience. I'm currently an executive in technology at a large global ba...

by Paul Caston
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October 05, 2016 07:14 AM PDT
My Mix, My Word, Your Dance...Enjoy.
  1. Wish (N'Dinga Gaba Remix) w/My Word-apella (Acapella) - Matthew Bandy, Josh Milan w/ Harold "Big Ed" Matthews, HM
  2. So Lovely (Timmy Regisford/Adam Rios Shelter Edit) - Salah Ananse feat Stephanie Cooke
  3. Till I See The Light (Master) - RON TRENT & TKUMAH SADEEK
  4. Funk The Drums (The 2Kings Remix) - Munich Machine
  5. Flipscapes 2016 (Eman & Ozkar's Deep Azz Bside) - Eman, Cookie The Queen, Ozkar Fuller
  6. RISE (Mike Dunn's BlackBall Vokal) - Mike Dunn feat Green Tea
  7. Winner (Honeycomb Inst Mix) - Kia Stewart
  8. Winner (Honeycomb Vocal Mix) - Kia Stewart
  9. The Spanish Dance (Frankie Valentine's Studio 21 Crying Violin Mix) - Frankie Valentine
  10. A New Day (Vega Claussell Dub Inst. W Pad) - Louie Vega, Caron Wheeler
  11. To (Libation Unreleased Dub Vox) - Nicolas Vautier feat Blick Bassy
  12. The Amazing Drum [Presented by David Morales] (Original) - Brooklyn Friends
  13. MUSIC IS THE ANSWER (SANFRANDISKO MASH UP) - Colonal Abrams vs. Dany Tenaglia
  14. Bourgie', Bourgie' (Louie Vega Mix) - John Davis & The Monster Orchestra, Louie Vega
  15. Sing A Happy Song (2Kings Remix) - The O'Jays
  16. Bad Luck (DJ Spen Bootleg Remix) [DJ Pauly Edit] - Richard Burton, DJ Spen
  17. Stand Up (Timmy Retouch) - Shino Blackk, Timmy Regisford
  18. Bai'O (Old Bastard Remix) - Justin Imperiale, Max Paparella
  19. I'm The Best (Honeycomb Vocal Mix) - Diviniti
  20. Scandalous v2  (Timmy Regisford And Adam Rios Vocal) - Prince
September 05, 2016 09:12 PM PDT
When you want to groove to the beat, press play and enjoy this deephouse heater.
  1. Resist - Roland Clark
  2. Why'd You Fall - Lil Louis
  3. Deep Throw (Original Mix) - Don Pascal
  4. We Keep Going (Tyrone Francis BNY Dub) - Adam Rios ft. Mike City
  5. Magic (Gherkin Syndrome Mix) - GU
  6. Holy Dance - Stacy Kidd
  7. He Still Loves Me (Honeycomb Vocal Mix) - Kia Stewart
  8. Why Can't You See (Louie Vega and Dj Spen Extended Vocal Mix) - Shelia Ford
  9. Mighty Skies (JayClectic ReWork) - Adam Rios, Stephanie Cooke, Koffee
  10. Love At First (Dub) - Echo Deep
  11. And Other Worlds (Kai Alce Remix) - Jazzmatik & Boddhi Satva feat. MiSSum
  12. I Can't Get No Sleep - MAW ft. India
  13. It's A Man's World (Lea's World Remix) - Sahib Muhammad, Lea, Muzikman Edition
  14. Africa Time Warp (Baby Powder Tribe Mix) - Eddy G., Dj Punch
  15. Tribes In Motion (Original Mix) - Steve Miggedy Maestro
  16. Never Gets Old (Libation Vox) - Ian Friday ft. Mike City
  17. Angie La La (Yoruba Soul Mix) - Zara McFarlane feat. Leron Thomas
  18. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know (Timmy Regisford Mix) - Donny Hathaway
August 12, 2016 03:43 AM PDT

Breakout Soul Part II - Vibin' (DJ Pauly August 11, 2016)

It's been a hot summer, which means it's no time to cool off.  Let's end the Summer of 2016 with some Phire!!!


  1. Again (Kai Alce Remix) - Emdee Brown
  2. Funk & Soul - Chymamusique
  3. Get Down (Ezel Bayacou Mix - Atjazz Tweak) - Ezel, Tumelo, Ezel Bayacou Mix - Atjazz Tweak
  4. Wonderland (Abicah Soul Mix) - Diana Lynn, Stones & Bones
  5. Intrusion - Joe Valentin
  6. Lighthouse (Terry Hunter Main Mix) - Jill Scott, Terry Hunter
  7. I AM MUSIC (Timmy Regisford RETOUCH) - Hippies
  8. Time Machine Beats (Andyboi Dub Mix) - Oscar P
  9. A New Day (Ron Trent Remix) - Louie Vega, Caron Wheeler
  10. Dance After 12 (Tyrone Francis BNY Remix) (feat. Sio Blackwidow) - Marubini Musiq
  11. Sure Thing (Adam Rios Remix) - Greg Gauthier, Alex Finkin
  12. Everyday (Frankie Feliciano Remix) - Ziggy Funk & Taliwa
  13. Big Case Mr. Thruout
  14. Every Word (Honeycomb Vocal Mix) - Temika Moore
  15. For The Love Of You (Frankie Feliciano Ricanstruction Remix) - D'Moov, Doruk Ozlen, Nicole Henry
  16. Confession (Honeycomb Vocal Mix) - DJ Kemit feat. Josh Milan
  17. What Am I Here For? (Original NDATL Vocal) [Danny Krivit Edit] - The DangerFeel Newbies
  18. Backlash (Spellband Remix) - Mario Bianco
  19. Footsteps Of Phire (Original Vocal Remastered 2016) - DJ Oji Aka Original Man
  20. Lucky #7 (Original Mix) - DJ E-Clyps, Anya V, Spike Reble
June 03, 2016 11:22 PM PDT

A soulful journey of some good ass deep, soulful house music.

  1. blackout (terry hunter fire instrumental) - kenny dope & terry hunter
  2. You Never Get Over it (Undergournd Remix) - Kenny Dope Pres. Ladybugmek
  3. Love Will Find A Way (Libation Vox By Ian Friday) - Chris Rob
  4. Inner Freak (Zepherin Saint Tribe vocal mix) - Kholi
  5. Love Can Change Your Heart (Blaze Vocal Mix) - DJ Man X and Albert Sterling Menendez feat. Blaze
  6. Vision (Cvo 's Koichan Rewerk) - Glenn Underground
  7. A New Day (Ron Trent Remix) - Louie Vega, Caron Wheeler
  8. All We Do (Biz Groove Synth Mix) - DJ Beloved
  9. Put The Guns Down (Mike Dunn Blackball Club) - R. Kelly
  10. In Your Arms (feat. TolumiDE) (Adam Rios Remix) - Thomas Blondet, TolumiDE
  12. There Was A Place (Terry and Wayne) - Wayne Williams
  13. Feels So Good (Mike Dunn Spoken dub) [DJ Pauly Edit] - Mina Jackson
  14. Amadou (A.C) (Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios Vocal Remix) - Timmy Regisford
  15. Making You Wait (Timmy Regisford, Adam Rios & Tiger Wilson Vocal) - Jill Scott
  16. Alright (Vocal) - DJeff Afrozilla ft. Miranda
  17. Church (Sting International Remix) - Peven Everett
  18. Makossa (Synth 2 My Beat Mix) - Abicahsoul
May 14, 2016 06:39 PM PDT

In this crazy urban jungle, there lives a movement of mind, body and soul.  A movement that makes you sway, jerk and move to a melodic beat.  A movement that can only be felt in your soul and can only be explained in dance.  Listen to this uptempo heater, let enter your soul, let make you move; as there is nothing better than  to dance in this crazy urban jungle – as the jungel is now!

Dj Pauly (Chicago)


  1. For Me (Honeycomb Vocal Mix) - Dawn Tallman
  2. Jungle Paradise (Louie Vega Remix) - Michael Brodie/Chocolate
  3. The Way (Baby Powder Afro Drums & Sax Mix) - DJ Punch & Flip Entertainment
  4. Be Prepared (Mark Francis and Mark Lewis Shelter Vocal) - Jill Scott
  5. Fortune Teller - DJ Kemit ft. Eric Roberson
  6. We Keep Going (Tyrone Francis BNY Vocal) - Adam Rios ft. Mike City
  7. Closer (Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios Shelter Vocal) - Goapele
  8. Hey Lover (Original Mix) - Aisling Iris
  9. Computer Incantations - Tyrone Francis & Donna Edwards
  10. Been Waiting(Feat. Ursula Rucker) (Original) - Cazz Ear
  11. Music Is The Answer (feat. Ribatone) - Black Coffee
  12. Gets You Off (Rocco Deep Mix Atjazz Drum Shuffle) - Monique Bingham
  13. Lay Back (Kemits Nu Bounce Remix 2014) - Kwabs
  14. Rise Up (Kai Alce DISTICTIVE Remix) - Lifford, Wipe The Needle
  15. Isikhalo (Oscar DaLatino Remix) - Sobz
  16. Power (Deep Klassik Instrumental) - K' Alexi Shelby/El Chocalata ft. Wayne Gray
  17. Stand Up (Timmy Retouch) - Shino Blackk, Timmy Regisford
  18. Butterflies (BCM House Mix) - Michael Jackson
April 29, 2016 06:42 PM PDT

01.  Fix It Man - Ragtyme

02.  The Dance (Sensei Master Mix) - Prince

03.  Glad I Found You - DJ Gomi ft. Louie Balo & Yasmeen

04.  Mary Mary (Terry's Don't Weep Mix) - Craig Loftis presents Grand High Priest ft. Dajae

05.  I've Lost Control - Sleezy D

06.  Brand New Day - Louie Vega ft. Blaze

07.  Outer Revenge - Kai Alce

08.  Africa - Jazzy Gems White Label

09.  Simmer (Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios Remix) - Peven Everett

10.  Lovin', Needin' & Wanting You (Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios Remix) - Patti LaBelle

11.  Mental Piano Dub - Glenn Underground

12.  Bring Down The Walls - Fingers Inc.

13.  It's Over - Fingers Inc. 

14.  Son of Raw - Dennis Ferrer

15.  Tour de France - Kraft Work

16.  Ride (Club Mix) - Harrison Crump

17.  Kill 100 (Shelter Edit) - X-press 2

18. Two Tribes of War - Frankie Goes To Hollywood

April 16, 2016 03:12 PM PDT

Can you handle more butter on your biscuit?  Well have a listen and get ready to groove all night long.


More Butter On Your Biscuit

01. moments of my life w/black music - inner life w/roland clark

02. Why Can't We Live Together (Underdog Rework) - Timmy Thomas

03. Taste Of Bitter Love (Joey Negro Disco Re-blend) - Gladys Knight & The Pips,Joey Negro

04. Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Deep& Disco Re Edit) - The O'Jays

05. Say I'm the One - KS French

06. Cassanova Brown (GU Re-Edit) - Gloria Gaynor

07. Love Will Bring Us Back Together (DJ Vas rework) - Roy Ayers

08. I'm Giving All My Love - iMFROMULL

09. Cranium - Dr. Packer

10. Africano - Ks French

11. Let's Do It (Louie Vega Boogie Mix) - Convertion, Leroy Burgess

12. Give Me Love (Young Pulse Rework) - Slyvia Striplin

13. Put Your Body In It (Butch Le Butch Re-Edit) - Stephanie Mills

14. Clouds (Moplen Classic Mix Out) - Chaka Khan

15. C On The Funk (DJ VAS Re-Work) - Cameo

16. Sure Shot 1 (Larry Levan Mix) - Tracy Weber

17. Body Heat - James Brown

April 09, 2016 06:34 AM PDT

Happy Birthday to one of my avid followers, Vanessa Cruz.  Time to dust of the shoes, spread the baby power and dance all night long.  Enjoy the mix and don't blame me or Dre if your legs hurt after this one.



March 16, 2016 07:29 AM PDT

Celebrating mine and all the Picses Birthdays deephouse style.  Beastmode!!!

  1. one dance (accapella) - dj roland clark
  2. keeping my compsure (bpm messing around mix) - dj pope ft. sheree hicks 
  3. someday (timmy regisford mix) - bobezy ft. siphu zee
  4. 04. You're Always There (Main Mix) - Lou Gorbea featuring Kenny Bobien
  5. 05. Ego-Ology (EL'z North West Underground Vocal Mix) - Dena Brown
  6. 06. Healing Broken Minds (Original Mix) - Finch
  7. 07. olmec save us (kai alce original vocal mix) w/Content - kai alce ft. donnie w/Roland Clark
  8. 08. Up&Down (Abicah Soul Mix) - Georgia Cee
  9. 09. PROMISE (Johnny Jm Vocal Mix) - Tiger Wilson
  10. Journey Into My HHeart (Adam Rios & Mark Lewis Vocal Mix) - Zandy SheJay, Thandi Draai
  11. in the morning (album mix) [dj pauly re-tweak] - louie vega ft. adeva
  12. Chase The Sun (Abicah Soul Vocal Mix) - Milky Thee Soul, Mikie Blak
  13. Come Over (Hakeem Syrbram Keemix) w/In the beginning (accapella) - Rahsaan Patterson
  14. Simmer (Neil Maclean Remix) - Peven Everett
  15. track 1 retouch inst - timmy regisford
  16. tribal dub - david anthony
January 23, 2016 08:52 AM PST

Be a prisoner of house; let it lock you in and steal your soul; be a prisoner of house!!!!

  1. Seam Vibes (Spirtual Tribe Mix) - Exzotic
  2. Distorted Mind (Long Distortion Mix) - Anthony K. w/Soldiers (accapella)
  3. Gettin In The Way (Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios Vocal) - Jill Scott
  4. Man On Fire - Glenn Underground
  5. Feel Good Movement (Ian Friday Libation Remix) - Mike City
  6. Lifetime (Shelter Vocal) - Maxwell
  7. Leaving Tonight (Abicah Soul Remix) - Ne-Yo Feat. Jennifer Hudson
  8. ONCE IN THE MORNING ZOGRI RETOUCH MIX - Diana Ross w/Love & Happiness (accapella)
  9. Love Vibration (Richard Earnshaw Remix) - Djeff Afrozila, Richard Earnshaw ft. Ronn Carroll
  10. What Would You Do (Original Mix) - Mike Delgado
  11. Are You House (Drum Vocal) - Basil
  12. We Keep Going (Tyrone Francis BNY Dub) - Adam Rios ft. Mike City
  13. Asante Juju (Oscar P NY 2 Afrika Mix) - MoBlack
  14. City Rains (Tech Soul Mix) - Mobi Dixon, M.Que, Louie Vega
  15. I Put A Spell On You (Honeycomb Vocal) - Honeysweet ft. Ciny Mizelle
  16. Every Word (Honeycomb Vocal Mix) - Temika Moore w/It's Not Over (accapella)
  17. T.Y.T.D. (Oscar P Afro Edit) - Jamiroquai vs Koko J
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